Why Is Health & Medical Becoming Important

Today, more people are concerned about the way the look, are opting for body modifications, relying on medicine, and attempting to use medicine to live longer. Body modification is extremely popular and presenting a risk to the health care industry including buttocks enhancements which have taken several lives and left many women and men with infectious skin diseases. Unfortunately, unlicensed individuals are performing this life altering procedures without the proper medical expertise, equipment, or insurance. A number of these fraudulent medical practices have been suspended and all suspected parties arrested and prosecuted.

What’s New In Medical News

One young lady in Canada decided on medical body modification. Unfortunately, the price the young model may face is the cost of losing an eye. Medical body modification is extremely popular, but comes with serious health risks, even when they’re being performed by a registered MD. She was interested in eyeball modifications that involves injecting ink into the white part of the eye. Shortly after the procedure, the purple ink she selected was running down her check and a few weeks later her eye was swollen shut. The Washington Post reported, she later sought medical advise and was told her eye is infected and would have to be removed.

What’s New In Medicine

Medicine has been the topic of discussion on cancer research, clinical trials, and news on vaccines. Can there be a lifetime flu vaccine? The Center For Diseases Control estimated 5 million people received the flu vaccine to protect them against influenza. The flu vaccine contributed to much lower reported cases of the flu. Medicine has a taken dramatic change in the past 25 years including successful new medicines in the HIV/AIDS medical community.

The medical and medicine community are committed to improving the lives of everyone around the world. More importantly, helping individuals with a debilitating disease live a longer fuller life. You’re encouraged to do an online search to find out more about new technology, ideas, research, and funding in health and medicine.

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