Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Mortality

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the world. While some people are worried about artificial intelligence, others feel like new technology could make everyone live longer. Some health researchers are in the beginning stages of using artificial intelligence to predict mortality.

Recent research indicates that some computer programs are better at predicting mortality than doctors. Computers only analyze data input by a user. However, humans are biased based on interactions with patients. In one study, a computer was able to predict cancer rates in men more accurately than a panel of doctors.


Obesity is one of the most significant health issues facing the world. In industrialized nations, a large percentage of the population is obese. Children are also susceptible to becoming obese in the United States. Not only is a poor diet to blame, but sedentary lifestyles can cause numerous health issues.

Health researches are baffled by recent obesity trends. Despite all of the dietary changes enacted, obesity rates continue to increase each year. Some people believe that diabetes could become the largest killer of people in the United States by 2030. If current obesity trends continue, over half of the people in the United States will be overweight by 2025.


No one likes to think about their death. However, scientists are conducting various studies to determine how to prevent specific causes of death. The vast majority of cancer is treatable if it is found early. However, few people want to go to the doctor each year for a preventative checkup. Leveraging artificial intelligence may be one of the best ways to help scientists in this area. New technology allows people to wear devices that monitor vital aspects of their health. Everything from calories burned to blood pressure can be continuously monitored. If something looks unique, an alert is sent to the user. Although this technology is still developing, it is an excellent example of how artificial intelligence can improve the health industry.

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