Innovative Erectile Dysfunction Treatments offered by Dr. Dov Rand

Erectile Dysfunction Finds its Match with Dr. Dov Rand

Sexual health is a huge contributor to quality of life for people of all ages. Studies have shown time and again that we are happier and healthier when we are able to maintain a functioning sex life. Unfortunately, there are often many impediments to keeping one’s sex life in top shape, and for men, a key contributor to this aspect of life can be the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. An inability to do so, commonly referred to as erectile dysfunction, can severely impede not just a man’s love life, but also other areas of his wellbeing. Thankfully for the many men afflicted by the condition, there is new and innovative research being conducted to alleviate the disorder. To better highlight this work, we caught up with Dr. Dov Rand, a leader in the field of erectile dysfunction treatment. A look at his practice, and some of the ways in which he treats the condition, can provide an interesting look at treatment options available today.


Information about the doctor


In order to better show why Dr. Dov Rand and his practice provide such a good window into the world of erectile dysfunction treatment, let’s take a look at his training and some of his philosophies on medicine. Educated at both Rutgers University and Howard University for undergrad and medical school, he would go on to complete his residency at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center. Though interested in medicine from a young age, his formal education helped to clarify his drive to help patients through a focus on emerging medical research and cutting edge scientific methodologies.


In his time following the end of his formal education, Rand went into the field of medicine in a traditional practice environment. During that time he found that his push towards innovative treatment options that were emerging from scientific research was not always matched by his peers. After seeing many of his colleagues default to older and potentially less-effective treatment options, he decided to strike out on his own and create his own practice that would work to avail itself of the latest that medical science had to offer. That practice would come to be known as the Health Aging Medical Centers.


In support of his work, the doctor would also continue his education far beyond his formal graduation date. He began reading scientific studies regularly and attending conferences in his field. He continues this practice to this day and is known by his colleagues as a practitioner who always seeks to keep abreast of the latest findings in medicine. He can often be found reading literature on the topic in his free time in support of his work.


Achieving an erection


To examine the innovate ways in which the doctor’s practice endeavors to treat sexual dysfunction in men, one must first take a look at the potential causes of such a disorder. In the case of erectile dysfunction, the potential causes of the condition can be wide-ranging. This is due to the complex nature of the erectile response, and the many bodily systems that are involved in successfully achieving and maintaining an erection.


In the course of the attainment of a healthy erection, the first part of the body that is involved is the nervous system. The primary portion of this system of course would be the brain, which is important to note because erections need to be initiated by a feeling of arousal that comes from a man’s head. That means that when a man perceives something arousing, whether from outside perception or in his own thoughts, then the brain sends a signal to the penis to become erect.


Once this signal is sent to the penis, the vascular system becomes involved in the process, sending an increased level of blood flow to the organ. During the course of a healthy erection, the penis fills with blood which enlarges the male member and creates a higher internal pressure. This internal pressure is responsible for the hardness of an erection and is caused by a greater inward flow of blood to the penis than outward flow. This is achieved when the blood filling the organ applies pressure on the veins leading away from the penis, narrowing them and effectively reducing their ability to carry blood away from the member.


In addition to the nervous and vascular system, the muscular system also plays a role in the ability of a man to achieve an erection. This is accomplished through a number of mechanisms, one of which is the smooth muscle that exists in the penis itself. This smooth muscle is typically contracted when a man is not around aroused, which constricts arteries and keeps blood flow into the penis to a minimum. When a man becomes aroused, however, this smooth muscle relaxes and arteries are free to carry blood into the penis at a higher rate. A similar effect can be observed in the muscles of the pelvic floor, many of which can have the effect of restricting blood flow to the penis if they are overly tight or constrictive.


Causes of erectile dysfunction


It’s clear to see from the information above that there are many ways in which the successful achievement of an erection can be derailed. Starting with the method of inducing an erection, the nervous system, a man can see his erectile function diminished in multiple key ways in just this area alone. One common cause of erectile dysfunction is rooted in psychology, which would interfere with a man’s ability to become aroused in the first place. If a man undergoes a sexually-related trauma, or experiences a significant amount of stress around the thought or act of intercourse, he may find that his erections will suffer. This can be due to a learned response in the brain that associates arousal with an undesirable outcome and thus seeks to avoid it when possible.


Another key cause of dysfunction in this area would be the vascular system. Since an erection is, when all is said and down, a phenomenon relating to blood flow, it is clear that irregular patterns of blood flow can negatively contribute to male sexual health. This can be especially true when blood vessels become old or damaged and may not carry or retain blood as well as they once did. Arteries that carry less blood can cut off the supply of blood to an erection at its source, which can cause insufficient hardness and an inability for an erection to trap blood in the penis.


As men age, they can also find their musculature becoming less effective at helping to initiate and maintain an erection. With decreased muscle mass and quality can come an inability for muscles in the pelvic floor to do their part in keeping blood flowing to the male member. If smooth muscle content goes down in the penis itself, a man can likewise expect a dip in the quality of his erectile function. This again will play a significant role in the effectiveness of a man’s sexual system and ultimately his feeling of sexual wellbeing.


Practice approach


The practice headed by Dr. Dov Rand, the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, seeks to treat issues like those discussed above through methods that help alleviate underlying problems rather than symptoms alone. The conditions treated at the practice are far-ranging and can affect all aspects of a person’s life, but sexual health and erectile dysfunction are especially prevalent problems that the doctor and his staff have gone out of their way to treat effectively.


Many others in the field will default to the prescription of drugs such as Viagra to treat these types of issues. While Viagra can be useful for many men with this disorder, by increasing blood flow to the penis, it is not treating the underlying cause of the issues. This can be distressing if these types of drugs eventually stop working, or if a man is seeking to regain the ability to achieve spontaneous erections that do not rely on a prescription to function. For this reason, the doctor and his staff seek treatment methods that work on improving a man’s own ability to achieve an erection, and not to be dependent on a drug or other outside mechanism.


Shockwave therapy


To this end, one major treatment that is being offered at the doctor’s practice is known as GAINSWave, or alternatively shockwave therapy. This treatment methodology is one of the fastest growing ways to treat erectile dysfunction in modern medicine and it is showing some impressive results. The underlying methodology is the use of a shockwave device, which is a device that uses rapid percussive vibrations to create sound waves that travel through penile tissue. Studies have shown that these sound waves have a profound effect on the body’s ability to create new blood vessels, a process known as a angiogenesis.


The effect of angiogenesis is so pronounced that when shockwaves are applied regularly to a male member, an increase in its ability to achieve and maintain an erection typically follows. This can be achieved in as a little as one treatment but can also take multiple treatments for the effect to show itself fully. When the effect does have time to work, it can not only create new blood vessels with which to supply blood to an erection, but it can also rehabilitate old and dysfunctional blood vessels as well.


At the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, Dr. Dov Rand and his team of trained personnel administer GAINSWave shockwave technology to patients who are fed up with other treatment protocols and are looking for an effective solution to regain erectile function. Patients who have received the treatment often boast impressive recoveries and returns to previous levels of sexual health. In this way the practice is able to encourage a return to sexual activity and help alleviate stress and other unwanted effects of an unsatisfying sex life.


Hormone therapy


Another treatment protocol offered at the practice is bioidentical hormone therapy. This type of therapy relies on the supplementation of hormones that are biologically identical to the hormones found in the human body. This represents a departure from many other types of hormone treatments which focus on the use of synthetic hormones that only serve to approximate the chemical composition of those naturally occurring in the body.


Hormones are necessary for a wide range of biological processes but one key hormone in the male anatomy, testosterone, is incredibly important for proper sexual function. Men with low testosterone levels often find their libido diminishing and their sexual abilities failing to attain the levels they once did. This manifests in many different sexual functions but one key area is in the attainment of an erection. Men with low levels of testosterone will often experience erectile dysfunction as a result and may find that, until the issue is resolved, they are unable to adequately achieve or maintain erections of a quality necessary to engage in intercourse.


By administering bioidentical hormone therapy to help replace testosterone levels that have dropped, the Healthy Aging Medical Centers help to encourage a healthy return to sexual activity in afflicted men. This can often be accompanied by an increase in energy and other indicators of overall health. The psychological impact of successful hormone therapy can be immense as well. Not only do hormones have a direct impact on the way we feel, but balancing hormone levels in the body can help return the body to a healthy state that is conducive to a positive outlook on life.


Nutritional practices


Another important area of consideration for anyone, but especially for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, is the quality and quantity of the foods we eat. It has been known for a long time that food directly influences our health. Now, modern science is gaining increased insight into the many ways in which that is the case. These revelations with respect to optimal nutritional intake have shown that there are numerous foods that can be as beneficial as medication when it comes to treating certain disorders.


This can be seen in the treatment of erectile dysfunction through the use of foods that encourage proper cardiovascular health. As the disorder is often seen as an indication of heart health, it stands to reason that a man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction may also be suffering from a dysfunction of the cardiovascular system. Foods high in soluble fiber and anti-oxidants can help to improve cardiovascular health and promote a return to optimal vascular function. As erections are intrinsically connected to vascular function, these types of dietary changes can help men overcome erectile issues at their source.


Benefits of supplementation


Another area of study that has emerged of late as a topic to consider in medicine is the issue of supplementation. Supplements are typically naturally occurring substances that can be added to a healthy diet in order to achieve beneficial effects in terms of health and wellbeing. Supplementation can be used to affect every bodily system and new studies are being released constantly that are helping to better inform our understanding of the ways in which our bodies can benefit from a carefully selected regime of supplements.


This is another area in which Dr. Dov Rand uses modern science to the benefit of his patients. With a firm understanding of existing literature on supplementation, he is often able to recommend supplements that can be added to one’s daily intake to treat a range of issues from fatigue reduction, to improvement of mental clarity, to stress alleviation. These types of moderate changes to what a person ingests can have far-reaching impacts on their overall health. This is of course just as true for erectile dysfunction as it is for other areas of wellness.


When using supplements to encourage a healthy return to sexual function, there are many areas that can be explored. For encouraging adequate blood flow and vascular function, a supplement that can help to improve the expression of nitric oxide can often serve to help achieve better erections. These types of supplements help to improve blood flow in overly-restricted blood vessels and also work in a fashion that is related to many prescription drugs connected to erectile dysfunction. Other supplements can be used to help improve libido or general sexual satisfaction. Still, other supplements can help to lower levels of stress or cortisone and help return someone to a more relaxes state, which is something that can likewise help to promote the successful achievement and maintenance of an erection.


Ultimately, regardless of the method used for treatment, it is clear that modern science has uncovered numerous options for men seeking to improve their sexual abilities. Though erectile dysfunction can be a frustrating disorder, it has also become eminently treatable in the present day and age. Use of shockwave technology, hormone treatments, nutritional recommendations, and dietary supplementation are just some of the methods men can use to treat this disorder. By examining the practice and methods from Dr. Dov Rand, we are able to take a look into some of the ways in which doctors who keep up to date with the cutting edge of scientific research are better able to help their patients. A review of the above material can go a long way towards helping anyone suffering from this difficult sexual dysfunction.


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