Ontario Wants To Ban Eyeball Tattoos

After a young woman in Ottawa lost one of her eyes with eye tattooing, Ontario plans to ban this type of procedure, which would be a first in the country.

The ban has been added to a government bill already under consideration on patient care.

The case of Catt Gallinger, a 24-year-old model who wanted to dye the whites of her right eye in purple, upset Ontario MPs.

More than three months after the procedure, the resident of Ottawa still has pain and must put drops every 15 minutes to not lose sight in the infected eye.

My cornea is thin because of the lack of moisture, because the accumulation of ink prevents me from closing the eye normally.
Catt Gallinger, victim

“Some say it’s art,” says Toronto MP Soo Wong. Call it what you want, it’s risky. ”

No regulation

This scope of practice is not currently regulated. The artist who tattooed Ms. Gallinger’s eye had not been properly trained, she said.

Ontario’s new law would ban jewelery in eyes and eye procedures for aesthetic purposes unless they are made by a specialist, for example in the case of surgeries after an accident.

Ophthalmologist Jordan Cheskes, who advocated a provincial ban, said: “It’s better to be a leader in eye safety and to ban tattoos from the eyeball than to be a leader in cope with the complications associated with this kind of tattoo. ”

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