Experts Propose Tax on Junk Foods

The concept of a junk food tax is being promoted by a group of experts who are interested in weaning Americans away from unhealthy products. The idea has been proposed by a group of scientists, policy wonks and health professionals, who expressed their thoughts in an article that was published in the American Journal of Public Health.
According to the plan, such a tax would serve as sort of a deterrent to the purchase of junk foods by increasing the cost of these products. Additionally, the revenues generated by the taxes would be channeled back into educational and public health programs. Such programs could be particularly beneficial to low-income Americans, who often turn to junk foods because of their inability to afford nutritious products, including fish and fresh vegetables. More about the proposed tax is available at www.inverse/article/40089-junk-food-tax-public-health-service.
Observers agreed that it would be necessary for government authorities to first define junk foods and then determine how the tax coould be imposed in a fair manner. The tax would probably be based on the category of the food and its ingredients. The plan would also require support by elected officials, who may at this point be reluctant to enact any new taxes. Additionally, there would undoubtedly be resistance from the food industry, which has a powerful lobbying capability and could also finance phony studies to counter those that have been conducted by the science community.
Some state and local entities have already implemented taxes to help discourage the consumption of soft drinks. A tax on junk foods would merely be an extension of this concept, according to Jennifer Pomeranz, who is an assistant professor at New York University and one of the authors of the latest study. She noted that sugary drinks represent only one threat to humans, the other threats coming from such foods as processed meats and refined grain products. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity are among the human ailments associated with the heavy consumption of junk foods. The ultimate goal of a junk food tax is to completely remove these products from the American diet.

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