Gavin Newsom said that he would talk about the abortion issue in the governor’s race.

The Abortion issue has not been a sweet word to mention in California’s race for the gubernatorial seat. In a particular perspective, that makes sense. For a long time now, voters have been supporting abortion rights. A Democratically manipulated legislature has desired to extend them. The United States Supreme Court raised the issue on the national stage. According to, Gavin Newson, a gubernatorial candidate who is running on a Democratic ticket, said that he was ready to talk about the issue during his race against his rival John Cox. Cox is running on a Republican ticket. The Democrat said that he would have to talk about the issue. He said this as he was being interviewed by the press. He was yet to confirm whether he will stress on the issue during his campaign. He braced himself as he openly said that Cox was not in the position to champion women’s healthcare. It will be a defining issue that the voters will use to vote between Cox who is a conservative from San Diego and Newsom who is a San Francisco liberal.

Democrat Newsom is likely to this week have a counter-attack on Cox’s anti-abortion opinion in a campaign that is set to take in San Francisco. In the same event, Newsom is expected to agree to the confirmation of a national abortion rights organizations. The Democrat noted that the next California Governor would have a major role to play in foreseeing that a woman in California can freely have an abortion if she wants to. Newsom said that the Governor is supposed to watch over the health of every resident in California.

The Democrat noted that everything was all about the decisions made by the Supreme Court. The administration in office, under a powerful Governor, will see immense support pumped to the Attorney General who will, in turn, see the advancements of lawsuits that safeguard the State of California. The state of California respects the rights to Privacy. Also, the Supreme Court said that it protects the right to abortion. Pro-life critics and advocates agreed that it would be challenging to reverse such protections. However, a Governor would significantly block the federal healthcare funding for all the clinics that offer abortion services. This way, he may manage to overturn the abortion rights laws. Advocated and pro-life opponents argued that this was the only route that could be used. Now, the only person that sits on the Governor’s seat was the one legible to see things changed.

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