Health Workers At The University Of California Launch A Massive Three Day Strike

In excess of 20,000 individuals belonging to the largest employee union at the University of California have engaged in a three day strike. This includes the California Nurses Association from the medical centers of the UC, the Professional & Technical Employees including researchers, physical therapists, pharmacists, physician assistants, clinical social workers and the student health clinics.

Thousands of service workers, security guards and custodians working on the campus at the University of California began a three day strike to address the inequalities in pay and demand increased wages. The strike began at sunrise on Monday at ten campuses located throughout the state. The strikers wore green t-shirts and carried signs calling for respect, fairness and equality. The strike was called by the American Federation of County, Municipal and state Employees Local 3299 after the university and the union failed to reach an agreement regarding a new contract. The mediation efforts were a failure.

An additional 29,000 medical workers, radiologists, pharmacists and nurses answered the call of the workers for a sympathy strike and are joining the strike both Tuesday and Wednesday. The expectation is thousands of appointments and surgeries will be disrupted. Contract workers have been hired by the five medical centers at UC to try to fill in and reschedule treatments and exams. Over 12,000 treatments and surgeries including radiation and chemotherapy were rescheduled by UC San Francisco. Hundreds of appointments including 150 radiology exams and 100 cancer surgeries were rescheduled by UC Davis. Patients waiting for the emergency room were sent to other hospitals by UC San Diego. For additional information please visit

There were over 300 AFCME 3299 members and hospital workers forming a picket line on Monday at the Sacramento medical center for the start of the three day strike. UC Davis and their medical center are represented by these workers. They were protesting the stagnation of the contract negotiations through the university. These individuals were joined by well over 53,000 service, health care, research and technical workers during their strike encompassing all ten of the UC campuses.

The service workers marching in the front of the two main medical centers at San Diego UC numbered in the hundreds. Some were in an executive meeting while others manned the picket line. They all stated the three day strike was similar to a dress rehearsal. This is because the University Professional and Technical Employees Union and the California Nurses Association intend to keep picketing both Tuesday and Wednesday.

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