Iowa Passes Strictest Abortion Law In The United States

Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds recently signed a law that would change the course of women’s rights within the state. The bill would now make most abortions conducted within the state illegal, on the condition that the heartbeat is detected on the ultrasound. This means that women can still perform an abortion before five or six weeks, and not after. This law is now being considered one of the strictest abortion laws to exist within the United States and is something that has caused many people all over the country to worry about the state of rights and the impact it can have on their overall health.

The law is being referred to as the heartbeat bill, which is the main criteria and determinant of whether or not the abortion can be conducted. According to, the bill was passed on the 4th of May and is set to go into effect after the 1st of July. This law also imposes a number of strict restrictions on the practice that doctors partake in, and the examinations that they conduct on the patients who are coming to them. This law states that a physician is required to conduct an ultrasound on any woman who comes to them to seek an abortion. An abortion that doesn’t follow the pre-requisites, even if done before the five to six week period will be considered as illegal.

The introduction of the bill has caused a wide amount of distress to the people living in the state of Iowa, and others who were in support of the pro-choice movement. The ruling is being seen as one that is harsh, and detrimental to the development that women are trying to secure for themselves. It puts a lot more worries in the minds of women, especially those who have to carry on with a pregnancy that they did not want in the first place,

Fortunately, the bill does remove the restrictions on women who are victims of rape and incest. These victims have the option to seek an abortion within the state even if they have passed the five or six-week mark, provided that they have conducted all of the tests necessary and follow all the requisites as prescribed by the law.

States all over the country are changing and amending their laws with regards to abortion rights, leading to movements all over the country. Women want to have control over their health and well being, and laws like the one just passed only lead to wider unrest.

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