Marijuana And Booze Are Considered Essential Items In Some States

Toilet paper seemed to be the item people wanted to hoard when the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. Costco shoppers got physical when the warehouse store ran short on their big packages of butt wipes.

Marijuana is another product that is hoarder-worthy, according to the New York Times. Three weeks ago, Marijuana sales in the San Francisco Bay Area jumped 150% over sales a year ago.

But it’s not just Californians who need to keep weed on hand as the coronavirus pandemic turns the United States into a ghost town. People in Oregon and Michigan, as well as Pennsylvania, decided they need to keep smoking or eating grass while they try to avoid catching the nasty virus.

Some states consider marijuana an essential item, just like milk and bread. Pot shops across the country are still open for business while restaurants and other businesses the government calls non-essential had to close. Women and Generation Z smokers seem to be hoarding weed, especially the gummies and other edibles that have enough THC in their culinary DNA to help folks get through these anxious times.

Denver closed its retail marijuana stores, but the mayor kept the medical marijuana dispensaries open. Denver and Pennsylvania closed liquor stores, but New York officials told the press liquor stores are essential businesses. Alabama even started a curbside liquor service.

One marijuana shop in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, had its biggest week ever when state officials said non-essential businesses had to close. Nevada kept its marijuana stores open as long as retailers don’t let big lines form outside the stores. Nevada officials want weed customers to phone-in orders or purchase what they need online and then pick up their purchases in parking lots or curbside.

Several pot shops decided to start delivering weed to customers. One retailer who has 17 pot stores made the first hour each day 60-years and older hour, so aging pot smokers don’t run out of the intoxicating plant. There’s also an app people in Nevada, Maryland, and New Jersey use to order. They can wait in their car instead of standing in line to pick up their order.

It seems marijuana is an essential item for people who want to get away from the boredom that develops from staying at home. The federal government still claims marijuana is a dangerous drug, but Americans claim weed and booze are important items to have if you have to spend a lot of time in close quarters with family members.

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