#MeToo is now afoot in the medical world

#MeToo is a fairly new movement of individuals who have experienced sexually inappropriate incidents in the workplace. Most often in old boys club dominated industries such as movies and television. But now the movement is making its way through the sludge of the medical world where hierarchical structures allow a culture of abuse to reign free at the behest of the women and sometimes men who are expected to accept the behavior and take it in strides as being a bit of fun or the status quo. No this shall no longer be a silent issue and a few brave women are making it their job to see the culture of male entitlement comes to a close.

Annette Katz a registered nurse and former employee of Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center, was fired after a long battle to bring her sexual abuser to justice. During the course of a year, Katz was subjected to abuse and groping by a fellow male nurse by the name of Garrett. After a long drawn out battle, and subsequent compaints by other members of staff, Garret was fired and pled guilty to the charges bought against him rather than face a jury trial. After Katz was fired she went on to sue her former employer for not providing her with a safe working environment.

Due to the shroud of secrecy tat surounds sunch issues, it is not clear how big the problem is but in a recent survey on the issue. 30% of the women interviewed did advise that they had expeience some form of sexual abuse in the healthcare workplace. The problem of sexual abuse in the medial field is growing and we must stop it before it spills over into an epidemic that we will not be able to cull.

If you have been a victim of such practices then we urge you to speak up because your abuser doesnt deserve to be treated with entitlment because they save lives, and you might not be the only one he or she is hurting.

Read the full article here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/health/ct-metoo-movement-medical-field-20180322-story.html

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