New Regulations on The Tobacco Industry

The health risks present in the use of cigarettes and nicotine-containing products are well known. It comes as no surprise that the federal drug administration announced last Thursday a plan to reduce the quantity of nicotine in cigarettes. This is part of a program with intentions on assisting smokers to reduce their total nicotine consumption.
According to LA Times, over 480,000 Americans die every single year as a result of cigarette consumption. As a result of this, the commissioner of the federal drug administration Scott Gottlieb has made a plan to maximize public health through regulation of the tobacco industry. The exact methods the FDA will use to limit the nicotine content of cigarettes is not yet known however the overall direction has been made explicit. Last Friday the agency that a register announced the possibility of the development of a protocol which would set a maximum and nicotine content level in cigarettes to minimize their addictiveness. This was done in response to research that showed cigarettes could be made with nicotine levels as low as 0.3 mg per cigarette in comparison to the current range of 1.1 to 1.7 mg.
It is expected to that the reduction in nicotine content per cigarette could assist nearly 5 million individuals to quit smoking and prevent over 33 million from ever smoking in the first place. The hopes are that this could reduce the rate of tobacco-related deaths by over 8 million by the end of the century.
Overall this initiative was met with great praise from anti-smoking advocates such as Matthew Myers the head of Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids. He stated that the announcement is potentially the most significant public health step made by the FDA in decades.
The FDA first announced plans to cut nicotine content in cigarettes last July but the announcements last Thursday Mark the first formal steps towards making the plan and actuality. While it has overall been seen as a good step towards the reduction in smoking across the nation, there are concerns that cutting nicotine content will cause an increase in the number of cigarettes smoked by smokers. Tobacco companies have been mostly silent in response to this new potential regulation but are supportive overall of establishing a regulatory framework that can assist in tobacco harm reduction. As of now, the FDA is continuing to research new potential regulations on the tobacco industry such as limiting menthol in cigarettes.

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