Teen Girl Uses Sign Language To Communicate With Deaf And Blind Man During Flight

She’s only 15, but a girl who knows sign language is being praised for an act of kindness during a six-hour cross-country flight.

Clara Daly was traveling with her mother from Boston to Los Angeles on an Alaska Airlines flight earlier this week. She answered the call when the flight attendants onboard asked if any passengers knew sign language to help a deaf and blind man who was traveling alone and appeared to be jittery and uncomfortable.

The teen volunteered to assist the disabled man and began signing each letter into the palm of his hand, reported CNNNews.com.

Clara had learned sign language to help her cope with dyslexia, and she was a lifesaver for the gentleman, Tim Cook. He had earlier visited his sister in Boston, and he was back on a flight headed to Portland, part of the layover destination. The flight crew had been kind and trying to communicate with the passenger, but he did not understand them well.

Clara sat with Cook for the entire flight and got to know him better. She learned that he was a former salesman, and he asked her questions about her family.

The teen says that the passenger really only wanted someone to talk with and that his needs were simple. He requested some water and wanted to know what time it was.

Not every airline located around the world is deaf-friendly, and not every flight attendant has the training to communicate with someone who cannot hear.

However, there are three airlines that are exceptional in that regard, and these include Emirates (one of the highest-ranking deaf-friendly airlines around the globe), Cathay Pacific and Qantas.

According to ISignIWander.com, those airlines feature flight attendants who are versed in American Sign Language, British Sign language and International Sign.

The Emirates website describes what their airline offers for those passengers with disabilities. Check it out here.

After Tim Cook arrived in Portland, a service provider from Brookdale Senior Living met him at the gate. He says the flight was the best trip he’s ever taken.

Clara Daly has since become an overnight viral internet sensation. Her mother Jane shared her daughter’s story on Facebook, and the story exploded on social media.

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