Elizabeth Warren’s Vision For Healthcare

Elizabeth Warren recently announced her candidacy for President in 2020. She has already established herself as a no-nonsense Democrat who is not afraid to take on all challenges both within her own party and across the aisles. While there are a series of issues that concern voters moving into 2020, healthcare is increasingly becoming one of the most important. People are concerned that their deductibles will continue to rise and that the cost of prescription drugs will mean they will have to ration their pills or go without all together.

Recent court rulings have made it an even more pressing concern, and with millions enrolled in the Affordable Care Act, there is worry that they will have to find private insurance or accept that they will have no insurance at all. Senator Warren has made her position on healthcare very clear, and she has a vision for what it will look like in 2020 and beyond. Many Democrats are in support of a ‘Medicare for all’ type of plan, but while Warren still supports a bill she co-sponsored with Bernie Sanders, she also has alternative plans.

Elizabeth Warren has proposed her own plan that she has called The Consumer Health Insurance Protection Act. In it, she focuses on two of the problems that many people fear. She plans to limit rate increases along with insurance companies changing policies. Far from being a complete reworking of the Affordable Care Act, it will protect many of the things people like about it while at the same time improving those areas that need to be revised.

There are several bold yet common sense provisions that Warren wants to enact. There would be a premium rate limit of 8.5% of one’s income. The enormous rates of prescription drugs would also be capped at $250 or $500 families. This would protect against some of the horror stories of recent years in which costs have gone up by hundreds of percent. Insurance companies would also have to start limiting their profits, and they will have to pay 85% of their profits on settling claims.

Several other big name democratic contenders for president have supports Elizabeth Warren’s bill including Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Tammy Baldwin. There are many things that a new Democrat president will have to focus on, and Warren is certainly able to deal with many things at the same time, but her focus on health care is addressing many of the fears voters have on the future of the ACA and their ability to obtain reasonable and effective health insurance.

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