Eating Healthy While Traveling

When traveling, some people tend to stray away from a diet. They sometimes eat fast food or things that they wouldn’t normally eat at home. A group of nutritionists came up with a list of foods that are healthy to have while traveling that are filling and don’t offer as much guilt for someone who is trying to count calories or who wants to eat light while on vacation. Travelers who fly have limitations on the items that they can have on the plane. However, sandwiches are usually accepted without any restrictions. A sandwich made with nut butter and an all-fruit jam is often the best kind to have on hand. This kind of sandwich is also good to have while traveling in a car as it can be kept in a small bag and enjoyed without stopping at a rest area.

Trail mix is another healthy snack to have while traveling. A benefit of trail mix is that it can be made with any ingredients that you enjoy, such as banana chips, nuts, dried cherries, dates, or grains. Consider baking granola with a small amount of honey drizzled on top for a healthy treat that is a little sweet as well. Protein bars are good to have as well and are made similar to granola but in bar form.

Filling meals on the go are sometimes hard to find unless you stop at a fast food restaurant. A healthy option is to make muffins or containers of soup before leaving home. Frittata muffins are an option if you like peppers, onions, and other vegetables. Store muffins in a sealed container to keep them fresh while traveling. When preparing soup, try to add a few vegetables. Pack a few crackers in a small bag or container to eat with the soup.

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