Examining the Many Types of Senior Care Services Sussex Healthcare Offers

Established in 1985, Sussex Healthcare manages more than 20 homes that are situated in the southeastern section of the United Kingdom, and the business offers state-of-the-art services for residents who regularly notice symptoms that are related to dementia, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, lesions that affect the spine and traumatic injuries. The company’s experts can provide 24/7 services, and the specialists regularly organize beneficial sessions that are associated with hydrotherapy, reflexology and aromatherapy. Moreover, the business has received certifications from two well-known organizations.

Evaluating the Number of Caregivers

During the last 10 years, the demand for home health aides increased tremendously, and many medical centers are indicating that they have been affected by a shortage of nurses. Despite the rising demand, the number of home health aides has only increased by less than 16 percent, and since 2010, the average costs of at-home services have risen by more than 35 percent. Throughout the next five years, the amount of home health aides might only increase by 12 percent, yet more than 10.8 million individuals may require customized care in the United Kingdom.

The Benefits of Evaluations

When an individual chooses the services that Sussex Healthcare offers, the company’s experts can perform an extensive evaluation that may indicate the types of activities that will benefit the new resident, the conditions that the individual is experiencing, the types of services that the caregiver previously offered and the resident’s mobility. The specialists may describe strategies that can mitigate an individual’s symptoms, and the experts can ask numerous questions that will help the specialists to understand the resident’s expectations.


Sussex Healthcare frequently manages group sessions that focus on hydrotherapy, and various studies have shown that hydrotherapy can significantly improve flexibility, reduce soreness, strengthen an individual’s joints and maximize well-being. The treatments may significantly increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, so the therapies can sometimes reduce symptoms that can be caused by traumatic injuries or damaged discs that could decrease mobility.


If a resident chooses services that are related to reflexology, the individual could receive massages that can decrease soreness, mitigate stiffness that might affect the joints and improve the flexibility of the muscles. The massages can significantly increase the levels of various hormones that may boost energy, reduce anxiety, improve focus and increase the density of an individual’s bones. Furthermore, the treatments can stimulate the creation of endorphins, which are natural compounds that could improve well-being.

Designing Crafts

Sussex Healthcare frequently organizes various types of activities that help residents to create crafts, and numerous reports have suggested that the sessions can stimulate creativity, improve memory and reduce soreness that affects the joints in an individual’s hands. Before constructing the crafts, the residents can develop custom designs, and the activities are generally associated with specific themes or enjoyable events.

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Visiting the Company’s Game Room

The experts at Sussex Healthcare regularly encourage residents to participate in various types of games, and some of the enjoyable activities may enhance an individual’s range of motion, stimulate critical thinking, improve a person’s reaction time and decrease soreness. If an individual is experiencing dementia, many games can significantly improve memory because the residents will regularly describe numerous events. Multiple residents have indicated that the games can effectively contribute to the formation of new friendships.

Utilizing a New Gym

Recently, Sussex Healthcare unveiled a cutting-edge gym that features many types of treadmills, machines that have cables, rooms that are ideal for group classes and free weights. The gym contains numerous stationary bikes that are specifically designed for individuals that are experiencing neurological conditions. Furthermore, the fitness center’s pool features equipment that can generate a constant current, which may maximize the benefits of swimming, and the gym contains an underwater treadmill.

The company’s trainers recommend exercises that can stabilize an individual’s core, maximize a person’s range of motion, encourage movements that will improve the condition of a client’s knees and rehabilitate injured tendons. Multiple reports have indicated that the exercises could significantly reduce the symptoms of some neurological conditions, and the movements can prevent stiffness that numerous conditions may cause.

Examining the Company’s Accreditation

In 2002, the Health Quality Service officially certified Sussex Healthcare, and the Health Quality Service evaluated the homes that the business manages, equipment that the experts utilize, the company’s practices and the experience of the specialists. During 2005, the company received numerous accreditations from the International Organization for Standardization.

Scheduling a Consultation

When you would like to set up a free consultation, you can contact Sussex Healthcare by completing the form that the business has created. If you are ready to find out more information about the company’s services, you may examine a helpful blog, a description of the company’s history, services that may help individuals who are experiencing neurological conditions and a description of the company’s facilities.

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