Determining Which Study to Believe In

The human race has been consuming alcohol from the beginning of time. The funny thing about the study that has been conducted on the issue is that no scientist can tell what the substance does to the brain to create that feel good mood. However, we all know how consuming large amounts of alcohol can impact our bodies negatively. An article by the New York Times explains that scientists continue to struggle to explain the harmful effects that may arise from consuming small amounts of alcohol. The Lancet Journal last September published an analysis on the negative effects of consuming alcohol. For starters, the Lancet Journal is among the most respected peer-reviewed journals in the United Kingdom. The journal concluded that there is no safe amounts of alcohol that should be consumed by the human race. Nicholas Steneck had a say on the issue. He says that when it comes to substances that the humans consume such as alcohol, coffee and chocolate there is so much information. He further says that with these harmful products one only gets to believe what you want to hear. This can only be changed if you see people dropping dead because of their lifestyle. The Times reports that basically these journals publish these studies to be used by other scientists.

The study suggests that people should now start engaging with these studies so that they can make informed decisions about their life. Nicholas Steneck exclaims that he is worried about how people make decisions regarding their life yet they don’t listen to these studies. He asks how people can determine whether a research is genuine and should be trusted. This has led to a new research that aims at determining what people trust especially with making informed health decisions. People disagree with the Lancet study that no amount of alcohol is good for the human health as there has been a notion since time immemorial that small amounts of alcohol is good for the body as it improves the digestion of an individual. However, the research by lancet showed that small amounts of alcohol may have harmful effects later in life such as causing cancer and even risks to injury. In some cases alcohol can be a predisposing factor to heart related problems. It’s difficult to carry out these studies especially on alcohol as you get to interact with people who have never tasted alcohol in their lives and others who have abstained from it because of various reasons.

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