Great Bosses Know Happiness Is An Attribute of Wellness

There’s no doubt about it. Capitalism has a stranglehold on every American worker. Every employee has worth, and they all matter, but the tunnel vision that corporate management projects when it comes to profits and shareholders needs has a negative Impact on the health of each employee.

Employees know they come in second in the eyes of management. That kind of top-end mentality works its way down the management chain, and a disconnect happens between bosses and employees. Bosses walk a profit-employee tightrope that can impact their physical as well as mental health. Leaders who understand wellness principles know how to interact and appreciate employees.

Happy, energetic, and mentally aware employees are the backbone of any company. Happy employees spread positive energy that brings them closer together. But like the cells in our bodies, happy employees only function when they have the right mental support.

There are several things bosses at all levels can do to enhance happiness in the workplace. At times, bosses forget employees juggle a lot of life challenges while they work 40 or more hours a week. Family demands, as well as other personal demands, can stealth-seep into the workplace and create unnecessary friction that creates productivity issues.

The bosses who have a connection with their employees listen to their employees. Those bosses focus on what employees say to them without bringing unnecessary biases into the conversation. Those bosses listen because they believe every employee matters. In their eyes, they are the spearhead of an arrow. A spearhead that doesn’t hit the mark if the arrow’s body is bent out of shape.

Employees want to be part of the big picture. They want recognition for their contribution no matter the size. And they want enough free-time to deal with the issues that challenge their productivity in and outside of the office. Good bosses give their employees the space to do what they need to do in order to function effectively with the office team.

Communication at all corporate levels enriches the work wellness and happiness experience. It doesn’t take much to let people know the doors are always open when it comes to wellness and workplace peace of mind.

Happiness is an attribute of wellness. Bosses who focus on employee wellness and happiness first, always produce the internal and external energy they need to produce the success that shareholders and owners expect.

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