Social Media Impacting Mental Health of Teens

Social media is an excellent way to interact with others. However, a new study shows that too much social media can be bad for teenagers. In the study, hundreds of teenagers tracked their social media use each day.

Teenagers who spent more than a few hours each week on social media had more mental health problems than teenagers who spent less time on social media. This study is an excellent example that too much technology can cause multiple issues for young people.

Limiting Use

After the study was published on, many parents decided to take action to limit the use of social media. Multiple apps track social media use. On some of the apps, parents can set time limits on social media apps. If someone spends too much time using an app, it will automatically turn off for the rest of the day.


Another negative impact of too much social media use is that people feel less happy. A study published last year showed that people who used social media each day felt less content about their lives than people who did not look at social media.

Some people are limiting their social media use as part of their 2019 goals. The vast majority of people feel drastically better after staying away from social media for a few days.


Looking at a phone at night can disrupt sleep patterns. Phones emit a specific type of light that tells the brain to stay awake. Some people decide to look at their phone before going to sleep. Although this may seem like a good idea, it will cause more disruptions for a person’s circadian rhythm.

Instead of looking at a phone at night, it is a good idea to read a book. Reading a book relaxes the mind and is an excellent transition before going to sleep. Although using social media is not a bad habit, too much social media can cause numerous issues for a person’s mental health.

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