First Women In The United States Gives Birth With Transplanted Uterus

It was a first for the United States. A women born with no uterus received a successful uterine transplant last year at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas has come back to the center to give birth to her child. This successful birth is a first for doctors in the United States. Mom and baby are doing well and their names are being protected by the hospital for the sake of their privacy.

This uterus transplant procedure has been successfully preformed on eight women in Sweden at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. Since 2014, these eight women have successfully given birth to healthy children at the same hospital. Dr. Liza Johannesson, a Swedish doctor who moved countries to help the Baylor transplant team, stated that this successful birth proves that the uterine transplants are possible in other countries.

The Baylor University transplant team had a rocky start in the program. Of the ten transplant patients, one patient is pregnant, two are trying to conceive, while four had experienced transplant rejection and had to have the rejected uterus removed. But, Dr. Johannesson is very optimistic that the team will have greater future successes. And this healthy birth is a positive sign for the 50,000 future female candidates that do not have a uterus and may want to have children.

The procedure is intended to be temporary. The transplant recipients will have to take immune-suppressing drugs to avoid rejection. Candidates may have a rocky road getting pregnant as well as they will have to undergo in vitro fertilization because their ovaries are not connected to the uterus and they will have to undergo a scheduled cesarean section to have the child.

But with all the known risks, there are many candidates on the waiting list to undergo the clinical trial. While the procedures are under clinical trial stages, almost all costs are defrayed so the patients pay very little, but the overall costs will be another hurtle for insurance companies and doctors to face when approved out of the trial stages. To learn more about the procedure, please click here.

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