Lumosity Is Designed To Improve Cognitive Function

Lumosity is the creation of Lumos Labs that was founded in the year 2005 by Michael Scanlon, David Drescher and Kunal Sarkar. Lumosity itself was founded in 2007. It is an online and app-based system that provides a series of games that are designed to help the user improve memory, cognitive function and problem solving abilities.

Lumosity has partnered with dozens of researchers and game professionals to work on developing the type of games that will be of benefit to users. At Lumosity, these researchers also work on adapted existing games for use on the platform. The game team at Lumosity takes the information from the researchers and develops games that are as much fun to play as they are helpful.

At Lumosity, the team is concerned that what they do will really help people. With that in mind, Lumosity and its games have been reviewed in several studies conducted by academic journals. In one particular study, over 4,000 participants were used to test Lumosity users against a control group that worked on crossword puzzles instead. The goal was to see if there was an appreciable difference between the two groups when it came to improvement in cognitive ability.

After the study was completed, the results were impressive for Lumosity users. The group in the study that used Lumosity games performed twice as well on cognitive assessments as the control group that was only allowed to work on the crossword puzzles.

The games and tests used by Lumosity are varied, and there are several different types of games used to improve different types of cognitive skills. For those that want to improve their speed, there are games like Speed Match which test how quickly the user can match two objects of similar shape.

Memory is tested and improved by games like Memory Match. This game improves memory by helping the user memorize the patterns made by tiles on a grid.

There are a host of other games available on Lumosity. Games are available to help with problem solving, flexibility, math and attention.

Millions of people have used Lumosity over the years, and the vast majority of users have only positive things to say about Lumosity. Most reviewers attribute their improvement in math efficiency and memory function to their time spent with Lumosity games.

Currently, Lumosity has over 70 million user who have signed up to use the service. Researchers continue to come up with new games to help improve users’ cognitive abilities.

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