Neurocore Is Revolutionizing the Treatment of ADHD

What Is the Definition of “ADHD”?

We’ve all heard the acronym “ADHD,” but what does it mean? ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and it is a condition that can be diagnosed in children as well as adults. Those who receive a diagnosis of ADHD are often suffering from disturbing symptoms that make living an ordinary life impossible.

If a child who has ADHD is not diagnosed with the condition and treated, the symptoms will simply remain with him or her throughout the rest of his or her life. Although the symptoms may be different in adulthood, they still have been known to prevent people from having functional and healthy relationships.

What Are the Symptoms of ADHD?

ADHD does have symptoms, but they can be different from person to person. Some of these symptoms include the inability to perform well in academic pursuits, the inability to stay focused, a sense of anxiety, low self esteem, hostility, moodiness, the inability to concentrate on a task, the inability to sit still while in school or at work, constant running or jumping around and the inability to control one’s impulses.

These above-listed symptoms make life extremely difficult for those suffering from them. Anyone exhibiting these common symptoms is in need of an evaluation for ADHD.

When girls are diagnosed with ADHD, they internalize their symptoms more than boys do. Therefore, girls are likely to be reticent, fearful and introverted, but boys tend to be combative and openly hyperactive.

Who is the Most Likely Person to Be Diagnosed with ADHD and Conditions Like It?

The above-listed symptoms often appear in a child’s earliest years. Therefore, symptoms may present themselves by the time the child is five years old. That is when children start school, so the symptoms become a problem at that time. Because they are having so much trouble remaining focused on their lessons, they are unable to retain the information that is being given to them. When these symptoms are not treated, the child’s academic career can suffer. It is also the reason that many kids drop out of school.

Why Do We Need to Treat the Underlying Cause of ADHD?

With many ailments, physicians need to know if there is an underlying condition that is causing the overall problem so that the underlying condition can be attacked head on. Some doctors have given their patients prescription medications for ADHD, but these medications do not do anything to treat the area of the brain that is malfunctioning. They only relieve the symptoms that are caused by specific deficient areas of the brain. What is needed is a treatment that can address the problem areas of the brain so that the ADHD can be relieved without the use of medications.

What Are the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers?

The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are the entities that have focused their attention on ADHD, and they have given sufferers of this condition the help that they need on a one-on-one basis. These centers are located throughout the country, and they are ready and able to assist those who are having problems with this issue.

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When someone walks into a Neurocore Brain Performance Center, he or she is given thorough tests that provide the professionals with the results that help them discover what exactly is malfunctioning inside the person’s brain. The tests are done using scientifically advanced technology that allows the diagnostician to see the patient’s brain waves. This is the type of testing that makes it possible for the diagnostician to find the exact areas of the brain that are causing the problems. Then, the most effective treatment plan can be developed.

What Does Neurocore Do To Address the Underlying Cause of ADHD Symptoms?

After the initial examination and analysis of the client’s brain waves, the diagnostician can see exactly what is going wrong in the person’s brain. The diagnostician can then develop a treatment plan that focuses on the individual’s troubled areas. The plan that is developed will offer the individual long-lasting relief from his or her symptoms.

What Are the Treatments?

One treatment is to offer the client positive reinforcement. Another is to use neurofeedback technology that teaches the client how to train his or her brain to function in a constructive and competent manner. Neurofeedback does not use medications. Instead, the brain is retrained through the use of a nearly subconscious reward system.

Since there are different ways to undergo this process, that is the reason that the initial assessment is given to help determine the best place to begin. The clinician will strap a belt around the client’s waist so that his or her breathing can be monitored. The client is also given a cap with sensors attached to it. Then, the client is prepared to sit in a chair where the sensors read the frequencies that flow through his or her brain.

The waves give the clinician an idea of how the client feels at that moment. A person who is experiencing quick waves may be someone who is having a difficult time focusing on a subject. The clinician explains what the waves mean after all of the measurements have been taken.

Because Neurocore determines what is causing the symptoms, every client receives individualized attention. This is important because each ADHD sufferer is different from the next. That is the reason that Neurocore does not give everyone the same medication and state that the job is done like other doctors do. The best thing about the care at Neurocore is the fact that the solution each person receives is created to last throughout that person’s entire life.

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