Are Booze Trailers the Answer to Healthcare for Alcoholics?

Booze trailers in England are becoming more commonplace as officials in Newcastle, Cardiff, Manchester and Bristol implement these trailers financed by the National Health Services as opposed to having people who have drunk too much alcohol make trips to the emergency room or get locked up. Each booze trailer is staffed by paramedics or nurses who are trained to recognize when a person may need medical attention. The trailers are also equipped with showers and food, so everyone can get the attention and personal care that they need while they are there.

Not all are firmly behind the move to buy more booze trailers. Dr. Katherine Henderson, a consultant in emergency medicine from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, says that she does not favor the trailers because of the message that they send to the community. She believes that the trailers indicate that it is all right for people to drink too much because they can just go to a trailer to sober up. Instead, she thinks that people need to be told that they do not need to drink that much in the first place.

The National Health Services believes that even more drunk tanks need to be in place. They will be studying statistics from 2018 to decide how many more tanks they need to buy. Director of the National Health Services Simon Stevens says that he sees drunks as selfish people who take up too much room in ambulances and at hospital emergency room. Studies show that about 15 percent of people going to an emergency room are drunk from Sunday to Thursday, but that total shoots up to 70 percent on weekends.

Both sides say that there is plenty of room for deeper discussions into why people drink too much including the treatment of mental health in the United Kingdom. Some suggest that the problem could be solved if the price of alcohol was raised while others say that bars and clubs need to held responsible when a person gets drunk on their premises.

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