Brandless Dog Collars: Sturdy Hemp Mixed With Comfortable Cotton

Brandless has a whole line of high quality pet products that cost less than most people will expect. The Brandless Dog Collar is a good example of this. Coming in at a mere $9, this is a sturdy well designed dog collar that is sure to last. It’s also a dog collar that’s easy to use, and easy to clean. These collars are quite stylish for any size and breed of dog. They come in two sizes, each easily adjusted to fit a wide range of neck sizes. In fact, in a pinch, you could use the same collar size for a medium sized dog or a large dog.

Brandless Dog Collars currently come in three colors: lovely shades of blue, green, and maroon. The material portion of the collars are composed of two natural fibers, fifty-five percent hemp and forty-five percent cotton. The hemp makes these collars extra sturdy, even for large dogs who like to tug and pull on their leash. Hemp is also naturallly resistant to mold so you can avoid that dank mildew smell so often associated with dog collars if your dog likes to get wet — and what dog can resist a good rain water puddle right?. 

The downside to some hemp products can be that the woven hemp material is a bit too stiff and scratchy when new. However, in the Brandless Dog Collars, cotton is blended with the hemp which makes it softer against your dog’s neck while still remaining sturdy enough to handle any rough and tumble pooch. For those looking for a natural dog collar that will not wear out too fast, Brandless Dog Collars combine the best two natural fibers into one. This blend of hemp and cotton gives a quality that’s superior to what either would be alone.

Hemp is known for its hypo-allergenic qualities. Many dogs are irritated by synthetic dog collars but hemp, especially when blended with cotton, should not pose any problems, even for dogs who have super sensitive skin allergies. Hemp is also an ecofriendly option since it is raised with no pesticides or herbacides. Further, it’s highly sustainable unlike leather collars, real or synthetic. Hemp also has the added bonus of becoming softer and more comfortable with age. In this sense, it can become like an old leather shoe fully broken in and comfortable, i.e. it ages well.

Another advantage to the all natural materials of Brandless Dog Collars is they can be composted when they finally do wear out! Just cut off the quick release and metal D ring and put the rest of the Brandless Dog Collar material in your backyard compost heap, along with your garden waste and kitchen waste. This way your Brandless Dog Collars can eventually help grow those tulips your dog loves to dig up.

Brandless Dog Collars also come with quick release black clasps so you can easily take the collar on and off. This makes it easy for your dog to go “collar free” when he or she goes home. The quick release clasp also makes it easy to put the collar in the wash periodically to keep it smelling fresh as looking good as new. There’s also a stainless steal D ring for easy attachment of any type of leash.

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