Various hospitals reopen as the containment of the Mendocino fire progresses.

The containment of the Mendocino complex fire has so far been progressive as the firefighters have been working day and night to see that the stubborn conditions that the fire was causing... Read more »

Acting With a Committed Mindset – Getting to Know USHEALTH Advisors’ Travis Yoder

There are a variety of sayings that talk about how successful people aren’t born, but rather they are made by their circumstances. For Travis Yoder, that couldn’t be truer. As an only... Read more »

Companies Cutting Health Costs

Medical costs continue to increase each year. Many people struggle to pay for necessary medical procedures. To make things worse, numerous companies are trying to limit medical expenses each year by decreasing... Read more »

Study suggests beer provides health benefits, when used in moderation

On Friday, August 3, International Beer Day arrived and with good news for those celebrating. A recent batch of research findings from Hong Kong suggests that consuming the alcoholic beverage can have... Read more »
InnovaCare Health Offers Puerto Rico Solutions, Aid in Response to a Shocking, Critical Lack of Resources

InnovaCare Health subsidiary MMM continues recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, field professionals have little time to get their bearings

The team had been briefed on what to expect well before their two chartered Boeing 737s touched down near San Juan. They’d heard the stories of the challenges facing the hospital there,... Read more »

Sleeping With Your Fan Is Safe

The summer is most places are scorching. That is why many people beat the heat by sleeping with a fan on. Some people are afraid to sleep with the fan on because... Read more »

France remains little aware of the HIV preventive pill, the PrEP.

The AIDS organization in France has reported its launch of a nationwide campaign to notify the French on the benefits of the PrEP pill. It’s an antiviral drug that can protect an... Read more »
Clinical Depression

From Alzheimer’s to Weight Loss: Emerging Applications for TMS Treatment

The effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, on those suffering from depression is well documented by the mental health community and TMS Health Solutions. TMS treatment for those dealing with mildly... Read more »

Gavin Newsom said that he would talk about the abortion issue in the governor’s race.

The Abortion issue has not been a sweet word to mention in California’s race for the gubernatorial seat. In a particular perspective, that makes sense. For a long time now, voters have... Read more »
Drew Madden IT health tech

Drew Madden on Why Healthcare Desperately Needs to Meet IT to Advance EMRs

Drew Madden is a healthcare information technology entrepreneur whose experience with healthcare technology revolves around electronic medical records (EMR) as a means to advance patient care and treatment paradigms. Based in Madison,... Read more »