Grand Valley Hosts The First Medical Fair Since 2013

The last time a health fair in Grand Valley, Colorado offered the residents low cost health screenings was in 2013. The health fair has returned and Saturday brought in an excess of... Read more »

E. Coli Outbreak Now In !6 States-CDC Warns Americans About Romaine Lettuce

There has been increasing alarm because of a recent outbreak of E. Coli in Romaine lettuce from Arizona. What started out as a fairly contained outbreak on the east coast has now... Read more »

Study Says Healthy Meal Delivery Cuts Health Costs

The importance of proper diet is something that physicians tell us about all the time. Most of us don’t entirely listen, but there are reasons for which they lecture about these things.... Read more »

Nasal Spray containing Ketamine Molecule Could Provide Depression Sufferers With Fast Relief

Suicide is reported to be the tenth leading cause of death in America according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. AFSP explains further that more than 44,000 Americans take their own... Read more »

Night Owls Have More Health Issues Than Early-Risers, New Study Suggests

A new study out of the UK reveals that people who go to bed late and wake up in the afternoon (aka night owls) are far more likely to develop life-threatening illnesses... Read more »
TMS Therapy

TMS Health Solutions approach to Clinical Depression

Clinical depression or Major Depressive disorder is the second greatest cause of disability with an estimated 350 million people being affected worldwide. This debilitating disorder causes symptoms beyond just feeling blue. Some... Read more »

Health – High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Patients And Their Doctors Discussion Brought On By Drug Tests According to research, patients who have been given blood pressure medications are not taking them as prescribed by their... Read more »
Dr. Johanan Rand Finds Treatment to Help End Aging

The End of Aging with Dr. Johanan Rand

Dr. Johanan Rand is at the top of his game. He received his medical training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York where he developed the skills and experience he... Read more »

Study Finds Physical Activity Reduces Risks of Hereditary Heart Disease

We know that exercise is good for the heart, but new research findings suggest that heart health may even be improved through exercise, where there’s a genetic predisposition for cardiovascular disease. In... Read more »

Researchers Study The Health Effects Of Being A Night Owl

A recent study published in Chronology International suggests that being a night owl can prove detrimental to an individual’s health. The study was co-led by Kristen Knutson, who works at the Northwestern... Read more »