New Brain Images Reveal How Alzheimer’s Spreads In The Brain

Thanks to recent innovations in brain imaging technology, scientists at the University of Cambridge believe they’ve discovered how Alzheimer’s spreads throughout a patient’s brain. Researchers hope these new images will help people... Read more »

Are Statin Medications Beneficial over 75?

Statin medication has been praised for reducing the number of heart attacks and strokes by 20-30 percent since the 1990s. The purpose of statin medication is to block an enzyme in the... Read more »

Indiana Hospitals Working to Contain the Spread of Influenza

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Luxturna, the $850,000 Medicine

Advancements in the work with genes at Spark Therapeutics has led to what appears to be a cure for a specific type of blindness. Retinal dystrophy is the blindness that occurs when... Read more »

With Advance Medical, Employers Can Invest More in their Employees

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Five Health Goals for People to Embrace in 2018

The New Year is here, and people are making all sorts of resolutions. Some will keep their commitments others will not. If you haven’t made any resolutions of your own, you should... Read more »
Market America Vitamins

Market America Products Keep Your Family Healthy

Market America has long prided itself on being a highly inclusive community. From encouraging diversity to inviting children to major events, Market America is a true business of people. At the 25th... Read more »

Meet Jennifer Walden, MD, LCC: Mother, Surgeon, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Jennifer Walden, MD, LCC is a Texas-based aesthetic plastic surgeon who is nationally known for her expertise, skills and advice. She is one of only a handful of female board-certified plastic surgeons... Read more »

A Growing Concern Over Opioid Use By Prescription And Illegal Means

In 2015, the Center for Disease Control, released findings from a major national study it had performed. In this study, data was collected by state on human death from drug overdose. The... Read more »

A New Study Proves Fake Social Media Accounts Represent A Danger To Health

According to USC’s Keck School of Medicine, fake accounts on social media do a lot more than sway political discourse. These accounts are dangerous, and can be a health risk. A social... Read more »