How Tim L. Sann Has Shaped Weather Shield Into A Market Leader In Door And Window Manufacturing

With thousands of doors and window manufacturing and distributing companies in the United States, it is always difficult to choose a manufacturer. Most of the companies have similar products and services, which gives customers a very small room to maneuver. However, there is always that one company that gives you a reason why you should buy from them. Weather Shield is one of the leading window and door manufacturers in the United States.

Under the stewardship of Tim L. Sann, Weather Shield has turned into one of the most reliable companies in the industry, especially when it comes to manufacturing doors and windows that meet the specific needs of the customers. With customer focus at hand, the company has always remained relevant in an industry that is quickly changing. Some of the reasons for the growth of the company have been highlighted below.

1. Specialty Doors and Windows

Tim L. Sann, the Chief Executive Officer of Weather Shield, is not leading one of the common door and window companies in the industry. He is spearheading the operations of a company that sells specialty doors and windows. Across the country, thousands of homeowners and real estate developers are looking for windows and doors that will stand the impact of various weather elements such as hurricanes, extreme storms, and other weather elements that have proved to be Achilles heel to homeowners across the country.

2. Continuous Innovation

In any manufacturing sector, innovation is the key to success. Through continuous innovation, the company is always producing new and attractive products that continue to address the needs of the customers. Weather Shield has one of the most research and design facility and test laboratory in the country. This gives the company an edge when it comes to designing innovative doors and windows that capture the imagination of the customers. It is also the main reason why the company has been able to address energy efficiency and environmental protection in its manufacturing activities.

3. Best-In-Class Warranty

Tim L. Sann has introduced a warranty program that has attracted thousands of customers to the company. In an industry where manufacturers provide a two or three-year warranty, Weather Shield is offering a warranty program of more than twenty years for the doors and windows manufactured in the company. This is a clear demonstration that the company is aware of the materials used and the craftsmanship employed in the entire manufacturing process.

4. Design Flexibility

According to Tim L. Sann, being the difference-maker in the manufacturing industry is the only way a company can achieve success. To adhere to this policy, the company has brought more than one thousand window and door designs. Customers can choose from a wide array of designs. Design flexibility has enabled the company to sustain and retain its efficiency and positioning in the industry for many years.

Tim L. Sann has also incorporated energy efficiency and environmental protection in the whole design and manufacturing process in the company. This has made Weather Shield, to remain the company of choice in the modern era where energy and environmental protection are issues of concern.

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