Ketamine Can Help Treat Depression

Ketamine is an anesthetic. It may also be effective for treating depression. There was a study done on mice that showed that ketamine may be effective for treating depression. The study showed... Read more »

New Study Determines That Exercise Really Does Keep Depression Away

In the findings of a genetic study of more than a quarter-million people, a research team from Massachusetts General Hospital has determined that there is a casual correlation between physical activity and... Read more »

People Under Stress Might Be More Likely to Get Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the most horrible diseases that people can develop as they get older is Alzheimer’s disease. This is a disease that causes people to slowly lose their memory. They will eventually... Read more »
Clinical Depression

A Case Study in TMS Therapy for Clinical Depression

Betsy has lived with clinical depression most of her life, diagnosed in her late 20s. But looking back, she knows her depressive disorder began much earlier than that. Fast forward nearly 30 years. Betsy has been treated by... Read more »
Treatment and Therapy

TMS Therapy Making Strides for Those Who Suffer From Clinical Depression

If you suffer from treatment-resistant depression, TMS therapy could be the answer to your prayers.   Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has been gaining ground as a therapy for a treatment-resistant depression (TRD)... Read more »

Depression: Its Effect on Women at the Workplace

Women who have fatigue, anxiety, stress and depressions have more chances of being injured or hurt while they are at work. This is shown in the circulated Journal of Occupational and Environmental... Read more »