Ear Infections Took Out Neanderthals And The Flu Is After Humans

There’s always been a Neanderthal-human connection. Neanderthals stayed active all their lives in order to keep their immune system strong enough to fight off the virus world back then. Neanderthals didn’t live... Read more »

Mumps outbreaks found in migrant detention centers

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced August 30 that mumps has become a problem in migrant detention centers. Since September 2018, 898 adult migrants have had confirmed or suspected... Read more »

Montana Water Park Officials Warn Customers of Waterborne Illness

With summer officially here, families tend to go on more family-oriented trips, such as to the zoo, beaches, community swimming pools, amusement parks, and water parks. While these trips are fun for... Read more »

New Breakthrough Study Claims, Plant-based Diet A Potential Crohn’s Disease Cure

An ongoing study reveals promising new evidence that a plant-based diet can help Crohn’s disease patients achieve remission. This revelation creates new hope for the millions of Americans and sufferers worldwide that... Read more »

Tanzanian Health Minister Declares an Ebola Emergency

There’s an ongoing health crisis in Africa. This is according to Tanzania’s minister of health. Ummy Mwalimu made the declaration because of the Ebola outbreaks in Uganda. The countries share a border,... Read more »

New York Measles Cases Push Yearly Total Towards Record

Health officials in the United States confirmed 71 new measles cases a week ago. Only 40 or so cases are now needed to make 2019 the worst year for measles since health... Read more »

New Mumps Outbreak at Indiana University Raises Concerns

One of the biggest health stories of the last few months has been the continuing spread of a measles outbreak. The states of Washington, New York, and Michigan have been hit especially... Read more »

Immigration Detainees Quarantined Due To Mumps And Other Disease Outbreaks

Christian Mejia was looking forward to the day he would be able to leave a detention center for immigrants in Louisiana. He thought his day of freedom would come soon after he... Read more »

A Look At The Impact of Chronic Wasting Disease on Pennsylvania Deer

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is impacting the deer population of Pennsylvania in a big way, and The Centre Daily Times has an article about the situation on its website. CWD, also known... Read more »

Washington State Measles Outbreak Hits 62 Cases

If you have been paying attention to health news in the first part of 2019, then you are probably aware of the recent uptick in measles cases across the Pacific Northwest portion... Read more »