Enactment Of Existing Law From Trump Administration Delayed Temporarily After Oregon District Court Judge Publishes Ruling Just One Day Before It Went Into Effect

United States District Court Judge Michael Simon recently placed a temporary restraining order on a ruling administered by the Trump administration several months ago. The Trump administration had required immigrants applying for... Read more »

Trump Policy Could Mean Immigrant Children With Health Concerns Will Lose Health Benefits

A proposal from the Trump Administration may result in millions of children being denied access to health benefits. The proposal would result in more immigrants being declared ‘public charges.’ This certification would... Read more »
Ted Bauman's Top 7 Tips for Avoiding Being Ripped Off in the ER

Ted Bauman’s Top 7 Tips for Avoiding Being Ripped Off in the ER

Imagine that you went to the grocery store, did your week’s worth of grocery shopping, loaded the groceries into your car, buckled up and pulled out of the parking lot. You looked... Read more »

Companies Cutting Health Costs

Medical costs continue to increase each year. Many people struggle to pay for necessary medical procedures. To make things worse, numerous companies are trying to limit medical expenses each year by decreasing... Read more »
InnovaCare Health Offers Puerto Rico Solutions, Aid in Response to a Shocking, Critical Lack of Resources

InnovaCare Health subsidiary MMM continues recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, field professionals have little time to get their bearings

The team had been briefed on what to expect well before their two chartered Boeing 737s touched down near San Juan. They’d heard the stories of the challenges facing the hospital there,... Read more »

Justice Department Moves to Strike Down Pre-Existing Conditions

Diabetes, pregnancy and arthritis are all considered a pre-existing condition. Prior to Obama Care, preexisting conditions were one of the most challenging aspects of health care coverage. Especially for those who did... Read more »

Prisons Are Making The Switch To Electronic Healthcare Systems

The prisons in South Carolina have made the switch to health care driven by technology to improve public safety and save money. The prisons were using a 1980’s electronic system combined with... Read more »

The Impact Of System Expansions On The Healthcare Sector

Current investigations have revealed the healthcare environment has made system expansions that are clearly affecting the safety of the patients and the quality of the clinical care received. These effects are especially... Read more »

Healthcare Price Control Bill Struck Down In California

Bill AB3087 is a proposal that is currently being debated in the California state legislature. The bill, had it passed its recent committee vote, would have instituted price controls for a large... Read more »

Millions of Americans Opting for No Health Coverage

A surprising number of Americans are opting to live without health insurance, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. They estimate that 10 percent of Americans under the age of 65 are choosing... Read more »