China Constructing Hospitals in Mere Days

In the Chinese city of Wuhan, there’s an enthralling turn of event as the government attempts to contain the deadly coronavirus, which has caused over 132 death and over 6000 infections according... Read more »

The Wuhan Coronavirus affect the World’s financial markets

The Coronavirus was first reported in the city of Wuhan. Thus posing as a massive threat to the financial market globally. The city is well known for its enormous production of vehicles... Read more »

Diabetes: Awareness and Self-Care are Vital

According to the World Health Organization, around 420 million people have diabetes worldwide. This staggering number is slowly increasing and a westernized diet is considered the main culprit. It is imperative diabetes... Read more »

Emerging Pharmaceutical Contaminants (EPC) Challenge The Worlds Clean Water Supply

Pharmaceutical, agricultural, and personal care products play a major role in the lives of people around the globe. People depend on doctor’s prescriptions to cure what ails them and using personal care... Read more »

Four Tips to Avoid a Foodborne Illness

Almost daily, consumers are alerted to food dangers from contamination that occurs during the harvesting, manufacturing, packaging or shipping processes. These warnings often concern contamination from various types of bacteria that will... Read more »

The US tops with the number of detained children whose health is deteriorating

According to a UN study, the author said that the US has the highest number of children in detention in the world. The figure includes above 100,000 held in immigration-linked custody that... Read more »

The Democratic Republic Of The Congo’s Ongoing Ebola Outbreak Will Be Considered A Public Health Emergency For At Least The Next Three Months, Says World Health Organization

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, sometimes referred to as its once-official former name of Zaire, is the fourth-most populated country in all of Africa with a population exceeding more than 86... Read more »

Massachusetts Responds To Health Crisis By Banning Sales Of All Vaping Products For Four Months

Massachusetts announced on Tuesday it will impose a four-month ban on all vaping products. The ban is effective immediately. The move is in response to a health emergency that so far has... Read more »
Neurocore mediation

How Meditation Changes Our Brains According to Neurocore

In 2005, the Dalai Lama visited the United States. On that occasion, he gave a speech at the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting in Washington. Over the past few years, the Dalai... Read more »

60-Year-Old Man In Southeastern Massachusetts Confirmed Sick With Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Mosquitoes seemingly have nothing better to do than bum off of animals for blood to survive. Fortunately, they aren’t as agile in the air as common house flies, giving the average person... Read more »