Teen Girl Uses Sign Language To Communicate With Deaf And Blind Man During Flight

She’s only 15, but a girl who knows sign language is being praised for an act of kindness during a six-hour cross-country flight. Clara Daly was traveling with her mother from Boston... Read more »
How to Find the Best Energy Drink for You- Nevo by Jeunesse, Fusion Energy by V8, and More

How to Find the Best Energy Drink for You: Nevo by Jeunesse, Fusion Energy by V8, and More

It’s easy to walk into a store and find a long line of shelves filled with one of the latest trends: Energy drinks. You’re likely to see Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy,... Read more »

Congress Scared of the AMA

The American Medical Association (AMA) is in opposition to Congress’ efforts to control the use and prescription of opioids, reports thedailybeast.com. Its advocates are opposing measures and recommendations of the Center for... Read more »
5 of the Healthiest Subscription Services: Elysium Health, Blue Apron, and More

5 of the Healthiest Subscription Services: Elysium Health, Blue Apron, and More

A new trend in healthy living is looking for ways to improve your in-home cooking experience. In most households both parents work, leaving little time for at-home cooking. But cooking at home... Read more »

Health Workers At The University Of California Launch A Massive Three Day Strike

In excess of 20,000 individuals belonging to the largest employee union at the University of California have engaged in a three day strike. This includes the California Nurses Association from the medical... Read more »

Iowa Passes Strictest Abortion Law In The United States

Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds recently signed a law that would change the course of women’s rights within the state. The bill would now make most abortions conducted within the state illegal, on... Read more »

A Rapid City Hospital Is Cited For Mixing Common Garbage And Medical Waste

Despite numerous warnings from the city the Regional Hospital in Rapid City is continuing to mix regular garbage with medical waste. The red bags are easy to spot but the exact contents... Read more »

Finding Relief from Inflammation with Heal-n-Soothe (UPDATED)

Muscle aches, arthritic joints and musculoskeletal discomfort can make daily activities unpleasant, and traditional medicines often create side effects that make matters worse. With so many choices of medication on the shelf,... Read more »

Grand Valley Hosts The First Medical Fair Since 2013

The last time a health fair in Grand Valley, Colorado offered the residents low cost health screenings was in 2013. The health fair has returned and Saturday brought in an excess of... Read more »
Paul Mampilly precsicion medicine stocks

Paul Mampilly is Betting on Precision Medicine

Paul Mampilly has given his readers his next pick in his newsletter Profits Unlimited. This is the newsletter in which he makes suggestions to his readers about the stocks that he believes... Read more »