McDonald’s CEO Reveals Successful ‘McDiet’

Don Thompson, CEO of McDonald Corp., the world’s largest fast food chain, raised a few eyebrows when he claimed to have lost 20 pounds in the past year without missing a day of eating at a McDonald’s restaurant.

But Thompson qualified his comments about the success of an alleged “McDiet” by saying that he also began a workout regimen again and became more physically active in order to shed his unwanted pounds.

His comments about his weight came about when he was asked at a conference how his company plans to respond to the increasing problem of obese customers in all parts of the world.

When officials at McDonald’s were pressed to provide further details of what the “McDiet” entailed, they did not respond with any specifics.

In his original comments about his successful attempt to lose weight, Thompson stressed that balance is important in both exercise routines as well as daily menu choices. He pointed to egg white breakfast sandwiches, healthful salads and chicken wraps as some of the many ways that McDonald’s is giving customers more choice so that they can enjoy a caloric Big Mac sandwich one day yet make up for it by choosing a low-calorie beverage and salad the next day.

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