New Study Shows That Undergoing Weight Loss Surgery Is Better Than Only Receiving Traditional Treatments For Obesity

Obesity is one of the most prevalent health problems in developed nations throughout the Western world, with the United States leading the charge. Obesity, are the condition of being extremely overweight, is linked to a litany of health complications that make life harder, not to mention an increased likelihood of experiencing premature death from all causes.

While some people suffer from genetic issues that make losing weight difficult despite regular exercise and a proper diet, most obese people here in the United States simply make poor lifestyle choices that contribute to obesity. Exercise and proper nutrition are the two best ways to deal with obesity, although some people lose excess weight through a medical procedure known as bariatric surgery, where bariatric is a medical term that refers to weight loss.

A new study that was recently published in the medical journal known as the Journal of the American Medical Association, or JAMA for short, found that undergoing weight loss surgery has the potential of reducing the likelihood of obese patients dying prematurely, as well as developing heart and circulatory issues more so than undergoing traditional forms of healthcare treatment for obesity.

This research was led by the Cleveland Clinic’s Chief Academic Officer of its Heart & Vascular Institute, Dr. Steven Nissen, who was aided with help from several other trained physicians who also work at the Cleveland Clinic. The findings are slated to be presented in person later this year in Paris, France, at the annual European Society of Cardiology Congress, one of the world’s leading forums related to developments in the field of cardiovascular health.

Dr. Steven Nissen and company considered data from 13,722 patients in total, all of whom suffered from both type two diabetes and obesity. 2,287 patients of the 13,722 that suffered from these two health conditions also underwent bariatric surgery. The performance of these 13,722 patients were compared to 11,435 patients, who served the function of acting as controls, who had only been given traditional healthcare treatments for obesity – this doesn’t include getting fat removed through weight loss surgery.

The risk of the death in the eight years following the point at which the patients received bariatric surgery was 41 percent lower than people who had not had such procedures done. These people also experienced average final weight loss levels of 15 percent, as well as lower blood sugar readings to the tune of 15 percent.

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