Ear Infections Took Out Neanderthals And The Flu Is After Humans

There’s always been a Neanderthal-human connection. Neanderthals stayed active all their lives in order to keep their immune system strong enough to fight off the virus world back then. Neanderthals didn’t live long lives, but they stayed strong until those viruses came to cave town.

Humans have the same issues Neanderthals had in terms of fighting off the free radicals that invade our bodies and challenge our immune system. New medical research revealed exercise can slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Neanderthals knew the same thing hundreds of thousands of years ago.

But now that the medical profession gives exercise a thumbs up in the treatment of Alzheimer’s development stages, people will connect the dots and begin to heal themselves, according to natural remedy health professionals. Neanderthals healed themselves using an inner sense of well-being. They used more than six senses to survive, and those inner sense abilities are part of our inner personality DNA too, according to Neanderthal experts.

But there was one virus Neanderthals couldn’t deal with through an active lifestyle, reveals sciencedaily.com. The structure of their inner ear didn’t grow as they age, so ear infections have a huge impact on the survival of the species, according to researchers. Small ear canals grow as humans grow for the most part. Ear infections are not as dangerous as they were for our ancient cousins.

The viral villain that takes humans down is the flu these days. Last year’s flu shot was only 29 percent effective because the strain of flu that attacked humans wasn’t in the flu shots. Flu shots reduce the risk of the most popular viruses attacking the immune system. But there are other viruses we don’t call the flu that can break down the immune system even with a shot.

That’s why some medical doctors push physical exercise along with the shot during flu season, especially as the body ages. The immune system reacts to the energy the body and mind produce during exercise, according to natural healthcare professionals. That means the mind and the body act as one consciousness and that inner personality protects itself.

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