New Breakthrough Study Claims, Plant-based Diet A Potential Crohn’s Disease Cure

An ongoing study reveals promising new evidence that a plant-based diet can help Crohn’s disease patients achieve remission. This revelation creates new hope for the millions of Americans and sufferers worldwide that are experiencing chronic Crohn’s disease symptoms. One 2015 survey conducted by the peer-reviewed medical journal, Nature Reviews Gastroenterology/Hepatology established; that IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) affects over a million Americans and another 2.5 million Europeans. It further stipulates that the disease accounts for a considerable medical expense towards the federal budget. With early diagnosis, patient numbers continue to increase. IBD diminishes the quality of life a patient leads, stifles career aspirations, and encourage social stigma.

The latest case study took a holistic approach to treat IBD, and found that similar to the CDED (Crohn’s Disease Elimination Diet); plant-based meal plans show incredible improvements in remission rates. The statistics imply that an estimated 62 to 71 percent of patients are likely to reach remission. This type of diet requires some omission or reduction of dairy products and processed foods, while increasing dietary fiber intake.

For some years, the subject, a male, age 25, experienced severe symptoms, such as ulcers, abdominal pains, nausea, fatigue, and bloating. Medical News Today reports that a year-long intensive therapy program, with infliximab intravenous infusions; was unsuccessful in helping the patient reach clinical remission. A year later, he resorted to consuming a clean diet, an intervention inspired by religious commitment. The 40-day devotion saw him eliminating all processed foods and animal products. The switch to a rich plant-based diet, which comprised of vegetables, fruits and more, gave him total relief. With his symptoms eliminated, the subject converted to eating whole foods and plant-based produce primarily.

The research authors noted that he had occasional relapses when he diverted from the plant-based regime, which caused IBD symptoms to resurface. With him maintaining a balanced plant-based regime, his symptoms subsided again. Within six months of incorporating lifestyle changes, including yoga exercises, strength training, and running, in conjunction with his new diet program; his follow-up colonoscopy test confirmed total mucosal healing. What researchers gathered is that plant-based diets promote gut health with the richness of healthy microbiomes; which strengthens and stabilizes the core immune system. Another positive reaction involves the fermentation action encouraged by high fiber intake, which stimulates fatty acids; that protects the gut against disease-causing bacteria and strengthens core muscles that control gut reflexes.

It’s still an ongoing project, as scientists and healthcare experts continue to explore the causes of IBD. They’re yet to establish a definite root cause, but suspect a combination of causative elements: gut microbe imbalances, environmental factors, genetics, immune system aberrations, as well as lifestyle and diet changes. Although this patient achieved complete IBD remission with this particular therapy, researchers cannot guarantee it will work for every case.

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