Running a Marathon Can Help Your Heart

There are millions of individuals around the world who are always looking for ways to improve the health of their heart. There are many tips online about how to do this. However, a new study shows evidence that running a marathon will make your heart very strong and healthy. A person’s cardiovascular age can be significantly decreased by the stress involved with running a marathon. It is important to slowly work your way up to running a marathon if you have never done it before. People who do not run on a regular basis should never even consider trying to run 26 miles. Such an endeavor requires quite a bit of training. This is true even for people who run very frequently.

The study that was recently conducted involved people who are as young as 20 and as old as 70. These individuals were involved in a training regimen that people go through when they are preparing their bodies for the physical demands of running a marathon. The training period lasted for six months. These people all had healthier hearts as a result of the training they went through. The doctor who was in charge of conducting the study said that a person’s heart changes as they get older. The primary blood vessels will have an increased rigidity as a person ages. This will eventually result in the blood pressure of the person going up a lot.

Blood vessels and arteries getting more stiff does not only impact a person’s blood pressure. It also makes it more likely that the person could have a heart attack or a stroke. However, the heart is not the only organ in the body that could be negatively impacted. There are also people who suffer from disease in their kidneys because of hardened arteries. A person’s brain might also be negatively impacted if the heart is not healthy. A lack of blood being pumped to the brain could cause a person to start experiencing dementia.

People who never run should not simply go out and start trying to run for a long distance. They could end up with some very serious health problems. First of all, it is crucial to stretch the muscles before running a long distance. This will help to prevent cramping. It would be wise to hire a trainer who can slowly increase your running distance. This is the safe way to improve your heart health.

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