It Is Doubtful Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for All Will Work

One of the biggest topics of the 2020 presidential campaign has been senator Elizabeth Warren’s very ambitious plan to provide medicare for every person in the United States. Needless to say, there are many people who are skeptical about her ability to do this. The amount of money that it would cost would be staggering. Some pundits have said that her plan would bankrupt the country and lead to another depression like the one that occurred 90 years ago. Warren has released her plan to the public. It has been scrutinized by many publications. The Wall Street Journal did a detailed analysis of the Medicare for All plan. Their conclusion is that there simply is not enough money in the country to do it.

Warren has not backed down when it comes to Medicare for All. She believes that despite the naysayers, her plan can be successfully implemented. The reality is that nobody knows for sure. Warren has defended her plan by saying that none of the other candidates have released a specific breakdown of their healthcare plans. This is a very true statement. As you might expect, the Democratic candidates who are running against Senator Warren have used the Medicare for All plan as an opportunity to criticize her. Warren was asked about the plan at the most recent Democratic debate. She did not seem prepared to answer any questions about it.

There is no question that healthcare is an important issue among American voters. This is especially the case among voters over the age of 50 who will have more medical problems than younger people. Whether or not Medicare for All helps or hurts Senator Warren’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination remains to be seen. As of right now, the only candidate who is polling higher than her is Joe Biden.

The general consensus is that Medicare for All is a fantasy. It would just be too expensive and would require diverting funds from other areas where they are needed. Her fellow candidates have accused Senator Warren of just using the plan to get attention for her candidacy. If that was her plan, it has definitely worked. There are many millions of people who do not have medical insurance in the United States. These people might be desperate enough to vote for a person who promises them free healthcare. We will find out in November of next year.

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