Misericordia University of Pennsylvania Receives A Grant For A New Medical Bachelor’s Degree

Misericordia University of Pennsylvania announced they had plans for a Bachelor’s degree program nearly 23 months ago. This would be the only medical and health program of this type available. The program has received a federal grant just under the six figure range. This grant was received to provide a boost as the program is currently completing the first full year.

The grant is called a Connections Implementation and was received from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The exact amount was $99,985. According to the media release this funding will be used to help with revisions to the curriculum. The money will additionally focus on the expansion of experimental opportunities for learning to help address the health issues throughout the world.

On My 10th of 2016 Misericordia made their first announcement regarding the new program. They also announced two additional programs related to health care. These were the science in diagnostic sonography often referred to as an ultrasound Bachelor’s degree and the Patient Navigator which specializes in a Bachelor’s degree for health sciences. For additional details regarding these programs please visit https://www.timesleader.com/news/local/699679/misericordia-gets-99985-grant-for-medical-health-humanities-program.

Amanda Caleb is an assistant English Professor at the university. At the time of the release the teacher described the Bachelor’s degree in Medical and Health Humanities as an inter-professional and interdisciplinary program specializing in the human dignity and humans in relation to illness and health. Amanda Caleb is now the director of the program and stated she will be covering historical, spiritual, social, philosophical and cultural context.

The program officially started last autumn. Students have the opportunity to earn their Medical and Health Humanities Bachelor of Arts in Health Humanities and Pre-Law Medical. A Medical and Health Humanities degree is also available for Pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy Medical. The students can additionally select a fifteen credit minor in either Health and Social Sciences or Humanities to earn their degree.

The University will be using the grant to help in the revision of three existing courses in addition to making eight new courses available. These courses are Health and Human Rights, Health Disparities, Introduction to Medical Geography, Global Health Populations, Environmental Health, Introduction to U.S. Health Policy, Modern Epidemics and Pandemics and Race, Gender and Health.

The revised curriculum will be supported by the grant to help students understand the way Humanities shape and inform the concepts if illness and health. The academic knowledge of the students will be applied to their academic knowledge in a manner that is both lasting and meaningful.

Read More: https://www.timesleader.com/news/local/699679/misericordia-gets-99985-grant-for-medical-health-humanities-program




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