The US tops with the number of detained children whose health is deteriorating

According to a UN study, the author said that the US has the highest number of children in detention in the world. The figure includes above 100,000 held in immigration-linked custody that disrupts international law. Washington is followed by countries like Sri Lanka, Bolivia, and Botswana. Manfred Nowak, an independent specialist, further added on the same. Nowak says that over seven million people under 18 years are detained in police custody and jails globally. Immigration detention centers hold 330,000. Due to the poor conditions of the detention cells, the health of these children is deteriorating day by day.

According to the UN, children should be held for the shortest period possible and as a measure of the last option. The UN Global Study gives that on Children Deprived of Liberty. The Trump regime has been separating children from their parents since the zero-tolerance policy on illegal immigration. At the Mexican-US border, even small children are involved. These acts are forbidden Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Nowak describes this as an inhuman treatment for both the children and their parents. However, the US authorities didn’t react immediately to Nowak’s questionnaire sent globally. The US had approved major global pacts such as those assuring political and civil rights and prohibiting torture, Nowak said. Yet, it was the only nation not to have authorized the agreement on children’s rights. Nowak is a lecturer at the University of Vienna teaching International Law.

Mexico has high numbers with 18,000 children in immigration-related custody and 7,000 imprisoned. The US ratio equated with an average of 5 and 14-15 per 100,000 in Western Europe and Canada, respectively. However, 29,000 ISIS-linked fighters who are children are detained in Iraq and Northern Syria. Here, the largest group of foreigners comprise of French citizens. Nowak says that though some of the detained children had been fighters, they shouldn’t be treated as criminals. They should be treated as victims so they can be assimilated and reintegrated in public.

Since his election to office, President Trump has made harsh immigration procedures a basis of his presidency. The separation of families, implemented to curb entry at the border, formally concluded in June 2018 due to public resentment. Yet, immigration activists say that the practice continues anyway. The rule was blocked in September by a judge who said that the practice conflicts with a 1997 settlement pact. It requires the immediate release of detained immigrant children to relatives in the US or licensed facilities. The American Academy of Pediatrics characterize detention as unsafe for the health of the minors.

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