Coronavirus Causes All Broadway Shows to Shut Down

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Healthy Fats Versus Non-Healthy Fats

Many people have heard doctors and nutritionists discuss the value of healthy fats and non-healthy fats at one time or another. That said, it is likely that fewer individuals truly can differentiate... Read more »

Number of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Tops 100,000

As of Sunday morning, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide is well over 105,000 with more than 3,500 deaths reported. While the majority of these cases have come from mainland China,... Read more »

Should You Worry About The Coronavirus?

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New Coronavirus Numbers Show Increasing Spread in the State of Washington

Although the number keeps changing at every hour, the US is now up to over 100 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. As of Tuesday, the state of Washington is reporting eight deaths... Read more »

How Cosmetic Dentistry Impacts Health

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Medical Students Training To Recognize Effects of Climate Change

Climate change presents a public health threat. Approximately 24 medical schools are training health care practitioners seeing patients with illnesses and conditions related to climate change. Unfortunately. many schools training doctors, nurses... Read more »

Alex Fenkell Announces the SmileDirectClub Launch of Oral Care Products at Walmart

A huge part of SmileDirectClub’s mission is to democratize access to affordable and convenient oral care for everyone. And launching an end-to-end oral care solution in Walmart stores is helping the company... Read more »

Pandemic Preparations for Coronavirus Are Underway in U.S.

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Impacts Of The Flu After The Season Has Reached Its Peak

When the flu season reaches its peak, there are a few things that you should know in order to decrease your chances of contracting the virus. According to Washington Post’s report, there... Read more »