An Employee Of An Assisted Living Facility Faces Prison After Providing Marijuana To A Multiple Sclerosis Patient

The long standing issue regarding marijuana use has now come to Walworth County. Accusations are pending involving an employee accused of giving one of the residents marijuana to help with the symptoms caused by multiple sclerosis. The accused is 48 year-old Annmarie Schackmuth from Twin Lakes. If convicted of providing a resident of the assisted-living care facility where she was employed with marijuana, she may face a prison term.

Schackmuth does not have a criminal record, and she had not denied giving the multiple sclerosis patient marijuana. Her intentions were to provide help and relief to a sick patient. The patient in question is 44 year-old Neil Ahler. He has spent ten years fighting multiple sclerosis, and is able to relieve pain, sleep better and reduce stress by smoking marijuana. He stated Schackmuth being prosecuted for giving him a little marijuana to help him is crappy and makes him sad.

On December 15th, Schackmuth was placed under arrest and charged with supplying marijuana. This felony has a maximum term in Wisconsin of three years and six months in prison. She was terminated from her four-year employment with Just Like Home. One of the Wisconsin state legislators stated Wisconsin should legalize medical marijuana, and 28 other states have already done so. This includes Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois. For more details on this case, please visit

Schackmuth has been in the field of health care for fifteen years. According to Just Like Home’s owner David Deihs, he believes the law must be followed and refused to discuss the arrest, or speak of legalizing medical marijuana. The criminal complaint stated an employee smelled the marijuana present in the room of Ahler on December 15th, and called the police. Schackmuth was stopped, arrested, and charged. She may serve an additional six-months in prison for possessing painkillers with no prescription.

Schackmuth is free on bond, with a preliminary hearing set for January 8th. Her career may be over if she loses her state license. She admits she provided Ahler with marijuana, and regrets her honesty with the police. She said she only bought the marijuana to assist her patient. Ahler has researched the issues regarding using marijuana. He is frustrated because medical marijuana is legal in the surrounding states. Once Schackmuth had been arrested, the employees of the assisted-living facility found and removed all the remaining marijuana from Ahler. According to Ahler his symptoms and pain are now more intense, and everything has become more difficult.

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