Trump Ally Says President Willing To Work With Democrats To Lower Drug Prices For Americans

Mark Meadows, Republican Representative from North Carolina says he spoke with United States President Donald Trump on Monday night about working along with Democrats in the House to provide Americans with relief from the constantly rising costs of prescription medications.

Meadows told Elijah Cummings, the Democratic Chairman of the House Committee, President Trump is serious about reaching across the aisle to lower the price of medicines for the American people.

Meadows informed those present at the hearing he was sent to deliver a personal note from President Trump. It was then he informed them of the president’s desire to join a bipartisan effort to lower the price of medication.

Cummings responded by assuring Democrats on board with any effort to affect a positive result on the situation.

Meadows is the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus. He was also one of four individuals considered by the president to be appointed Chief of Staff of the White House following the departure of John Kelly.

The Tuesday hearing was intended to examine why drug prices in the country are so high. Both sides agree the prices are out of hand but are not in agreement on how to address the issue.

Cummings informed the public earlier in the month he reached out to 12 manufactures of prescription drugs to gain an understanding of their pricing strategies. He was also part of a group introducing legislature to lower the cost of medications for Americans.

The legislation would make it allowable for the Health and Human Services Department to negotiate with drugmakers to lower prices for beneficiaries of Medicare Part D. The Part D program subsidizes the cost of medications for Americans who qualify for the program.

According to CNBC, other provisions of the bill would allow citizens of the United States to purchase cheap drug options from overseas drug makers. The legislature would also stipulate the cost of medications in American would be at the middle point of the costs in Germany, Japan, France, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The Trump Administration has also promised to provide Americans with lower prescription drug prices. The Administration has presented a number of ideas to help lower costs for Medicare beneficiaries.

The Democratic Party was able to wrestle control of the House away from Republicans during the mid-term elections two months ago. The party immediately tabbed lowering the cost of medications as one of their top priorities.

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