Being a workaholic makes you sick when you do not like your job

Workaholics who like what they do are in better shape than those who work long days without investing in their jobs, according to a study published by a researcher at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.

Management professor Lieke ten Brummelhuis and her colleagues are interested in the phenomenon of workaholism , or ergomania, in their article published in the latest issue of the scientific journal Academy of Management Discoveries .

Their study is based on the responses of 1277 workers at a large financial consulting firm who completed a questionnaire about their hours of work and their health status. Of these, 750 have undergone medical tests to determine their physical health.

The researchers conclude that the workers who are most at risk of suffering health problems in industrialized countries where workers are protected by laws are those who are under pressure and not only those who work long days.

They also argue that people who do not feel invested in their work are more likely to have health problems. “People who like their work report having problems with sleep and sometimes being moody or depressed, or having other minor ailments, but only people who do not like their work are more likely to have heart disease or diabetes, “says Lieke ten Brummelhuis.

She adds that workaholics who like what they do put in place strategies to prevent more serious health problems.

Ms. ten Brummelhuis says the next step in the research would be to find out what makes employees get involved in their work, while others do not.

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