The Mental Health of Migrants is a Course of Worry

The mental health calamity experienced on the borders is posing a cause of worry to aid workers. Many migrants have been camping in Mexican towns on the border, waiting to get US asylum. However, most of the migrants are turning out to be despondent.

The Navarro Host Lulu Garcia:
According to aid workers, concerns are raising with the increasing rate of mental health issues on borders. Mexicans have camped for several weeks to wait for an opportunity to get asylum in the US. Some of the migrants are living in dangerous states and squalid conditions. Reynaldo Leanos of Texas Public Radio has some news that contains details that some people will find to be upsetting.

Reynaldo Leanos:
Around the international bridges that connect Brownsville of Texas to Matamoros of Mexico, tents have been scattered. In the tents, more than two thousand migrants have camped to seek asylum. In the camps, Kelly Escobar is volunteering with groups that provide assistance and supply essential things to camping migrants. She has been here in the fields all the way from Ohio because she has the intention of helping migrants.
Kelly Escobar: mental health has been declining rapidly. The case is even worse with the people who are denied asylum. In the beginning, nearly everyone was hoping to be granted asylum. The people had high hopes and big dreams, and you could just see in their faces. However, for now, all you see depression as well as despair.

Leanos: The despair explained by Escobar was evident for the world to know earlier this month after one asylum seeker from Mexico committed suicide in the international bride just sixty miles away. The person who killed himself had just come out from denial of getting to the United States a report given by investigators from Mexico. Besides, Escobar adds that she has come across many cases of migrants who struggle a lot.

Escobar: the migrants call me even at midnight or at two-thirty in the morning. I spend hours on phones trying to calm the migrants down. Here there is no therapy or psychological help. No one is helping people with such issues.

Leanos: officials from the United States claim they are finding ways with Mexican administration of improving services. However, the groups providing assistance claim there is very little or even no help on mental health care for migrants.

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