Smoking Weed Can Raise the Risk of Coronavirus Complications

Many people are turning to marijuana in order to ease the stress of the Coronavirus. However, experts are telling people to think twice before doing this. Studies have shown that smoking marijuana can increase the risk of Coronavirus complications.

Dr. Albert Rizzo is the American Lung Association’s chief medical officer. He stated that smoking weed can cause inflammation of the airways. It is similar to the effects of bronchitis. If you already have airway inflammation and develop an infection, then you are more likely to develop complications from the Coronavirus.

Dr. Mitchell Glass is a spokeswoman for the American Lung Association and pulmonologist. She stated that smoking weed is the last thing that you want to do during a global pandemic. It can make it harder for the doctor to diagnose your symptoms. It is common for chronic marijuana smokers to cough a lot. This cough occurs due to the lung damage and irritation.

People who have COPD and other lung problems as well as smokers are more likely to develop Coronavirus complications. A dry cough can also be a sign of Coronavirus. That is why it can be hard to diagnose Coronavirus in marijuana smokers.

While many people are smoking marijuana to alleviate stress, health experts stated that it is not worth it. You may be able to reduce your anxiety, but you are putting your health at risk. Marijuana can also make it harder for you to make the right decisions about your health.

It is estimated that 43 million Americans who are over the age of 12 use marijuana. Not only are a lot of young people using marijuana, but marijuana use is also rising among older people. Experts have stated that if you do not currently smoke marijuana, then there is no need for you to start using it.

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