The Successful Business Career Of Brian Tambi

For many business executives, their careers take many turns over the years. But for those who have exceptional skills, they are always able to overcome challenges and reach the highest levels of success. This has been the case with Brian Tambi, who as the CEO of various companies through the decades has used his experience, skills, and ability to spot future trends and carve out a niche for himself within the pharmaceutical industry.

As the CEO of Antrim Pharmaceuticals, Brian Tambi was instrumental in helping the company focus on and revitalize its efforts in research and development, manufacturing, and marketing regarding various drugs and other medicines the company created in a wide array of areas. Focusing much of its efforts on pain medications and therapeutic medicines that made excellent use of cannabinoids, he was a key figure in helping Antrim become a world leader in learning how to use cannabinoids to create medications that could help patients suffering from a wide variety of ailments.

Earning an MBA in International Finance and Economics from Syracuse University, Brian Tambi has used the skills learned in college to help various companies experience tremendous growth over the years. Whether working with other executives to create strategic plans for success or meeting with potential clients in different parts of the world, Brian Tambi has always exhibited an ability to use his various skills and abilities to achieve success.

While earning a reputation as one of the pharmaceutical industry’s most innovative and influential executives, Brian Tambi has also earned a reputation as one of the most philanthropic CEO’s of his generation. Along with giving numerous speeches to college and university students, he is also known for helping other executives rise through the ranks of their companies by offering sound career advice and guidance.

In addition to helping others advance on their career paths, Brian Tambi also takes the time to serve as a member of the board of directors of different companies and organizations. By serving in this capacity, he has been able to offer many different ideas that have been responsible for innovations in patient care. When involved in these meetings, he has established himself as a voice of reason and knowledge, and has been counted on to offer suggestions and advice that is always sound and sincere.

Forging ahead in his business career, Brian Tambi is still determined to see many great things happen. Now serving as the director of pharmaceutical company Akorn, he is working with company executives and researchers on developing many new and exciting medications in the coming months. Though the industry is extremely competitive, Brian Tambi has been able to guide numerous companies over the years to heights they never thought possible. Using all he has learned during his business career, he expects to see the realization of continued growth for Akorn. Whether in a meeting with researchers or helping to conduct a board meeting, it is clear Brian Tambi has the knowledge and experience needed to achieve continued success.

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